Thursday, December 6, 2012

Perfect Your Kissing Technique With Top 10 Kissing Tips And Tricks

Kissing is an art and there is always the danger of pissing off your partner if you do not make the right moves while performing this act. Many people know the basics but still cannot indulge in a lip-lock with finesse. Look up on the top 10 kissing tips and tricks to make a good impression on your partner.

Top 10 kissing tips and tricks is the perfect guide to help you make the right moves when indulging in a passionate and romantic kiss with your lovely partner. Make your kissing experiences with your partner more perfect and memorable than ever by trying out these simple tricks and techniques. Kiss with all your energy. 

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Top 10 Kissing Tips

  1. Know the perfect time to kiss – Timing is very important when you want a perfect lip lock with your want. You obviously would not want the kiss to end hastily and on a awkward note. To save yourself from being in an embarrassing kissing situation, find the right time when you and your partner are alone.
  1. Make eye contact before you kiss – Look in the eyes of your partner before you move in closer to give a kiss. If you are having a conversation, wait till it comes to a natural breaking point and then look for signals that will show you whether your partner is willing to move in for the kiss.
  1. Moist lips will enhance the pleasure of kissing – Keep your lips moist and check for your breath if you intend to kiss your partner. Put some mint into your mouth to do away with bad breath. However, it is never a good idea to obsess about your breath as popping too mints might make you look conscious and over-eager for a kiss.
  1. Start With Light Pecks on the cheeks – It is a bad idea to start touching the tips of the tongue of your partner at the very start of kissing. Begin by lightly kissing the lips and giving a peck on the cheeks to make your partner comfortable. Gently stroke your tongue against that of your partner and let the tips play.
  1. Touch on the right spots – Put you hands gently across the neck or waist of your partner when coming closer for a kiss. You can also touch the back of your partner’s head or caress your partner’s cheeks to get that perfect kiss.
  1. Touch your partner’s upper or lower lip – enhance the pleasure of kissing by touching the lips and pulling away lower and upper lips gently to go for a romantic kiss.
  1. Take a break – when you pull the lower and upper lips, you also get the chance to take a small break of few seconds in between kissing. Use the regular breaks as the chance to look into the eyes of your partner and find out whether she is happy and receptive with the kiss.
  1. Never give a painful kiss - Avoid hurting physically or biting the lips of your partner as it will hurt very badly. Moreover, it will appear as if you are moving too fast and your partner might get upset over this. You will not want to leave a bad impression or hickeys on the neck or the cheeks of your partner while kissing.
  1. Stroke your partner’s cheeks or hair – Show the passion in your kiss by grabbing the cheeks of your partner and stroking it lightly with one hand. Let the fingers slip through the hair of your partner while you are kissing to make the act more passionate.
  1. Make the moment last – A good kiss is the one where you let yourself go and get completely immersed in the act by putting all your energy and love into this romantic act.

Monday, December 3, 2012

15 Love Tips to keep your relationship working

1. Love each other..truly..madly..deeply
2. Don’t lie..being honest will help the relationship nurture.
3. Keep communication's the key to every problem.
4. Stay costs nothing and sweetens the bond of love.
5. If you get hurt, forgive & forget..Everyone's imperfect..Value each other's imperfections.

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6. Never ever talk about break-ups..what goes around, comes around.
7. Never say "it’s okay" if it’s your true self with your partner.
8. Forget about "ego" and “pride”...Don't be "me"...its in being be "we"..
9. If you say sorry, you should truly mean it..let the heart express the apology, not just the mouth.
10. Never compare your past with your can be dangerous..forget's history!

Love Quotes for Him

11. Never talk about your ex’ may ruin your present..
12. Reciprocation - A Give and take me and i will love you even more!
13. Be aware of his/her feelings...because he/she is the most important and special person for you..
14. If you have a fight, never let the day get over..patch up..seal the day with a kiss..
15. Don’t aim to be the perfect one, just be the right each others #1..forever in love 

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