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Happy Valentines Day 2013 - Valentine Messages, Valentines Day Ideas, Quotes, Cards, Gifts

Valentines day is a special occasion for the lovers worldwide and each of them tries to make it special for the other, every year. When you are in love, you actually are said to be blessed by the almighty because he chooses to reside in the heart of the lovers, as love adds purity to your soul. Needless to say, for love-birds, every day spent together is a Valentine day but this special day celebrated all across the world, gives them a special opportunity to express their love once again to the beloved through gifts and wishes. 

Happy Valentines Day
Happy Valentines Day

Some people choose this day to express their feelings for the first time to the person they love, and in most of the cases their attempts turn out to be successful. In that case they have the opportunity to celebrate the day as by its own significance as well as the date when they first proposed to each other! Isn’t that great? 

Some people also make the day special by either fixing their marriage date or announcing their engagement or something very romantic to enjoy the essence of the occasion to the fullest. The day is adorned by chocolates, red roses, teddy bears, scented candles and lots of warmth and passion of the heart that connects one person with the other. Valentine's day 2013 is about to approach and every lover must have made their plans to make it memorable so that they can cherish each moment spent together all throughout their life.

Valentine Messages : 

One way of making your beloved feel special on V-Day would be to leave some sweet and romantic  valentines messages exclusively for him/her. Though they say words matter less in relationships involving heart and even the eyes can speak out what words cant, but you can impress your sweetheart a bit more through a nicely written well framed valentine messages. Writing a love filled message to your beloved on V-Day will not only add gaiety to your feelings you have expressed to him/her but it will also bring a nice smile on his/her face as he/she goes through the heartfelt words.

Valentine Messages
Valentine Messages
  • I love you from the core of my heart, and I shall love you more and more each day, as each Valentine day comes and go .
  • I want to pour my heart out, on this special day, which says “I love you”. Be mine forever!
  • Oceans may dry, sky may fall apart, but my love towards you will remain forever and ever and ever, would you be my Valentine?
  • On this day of chocolates, rose, kisses, proposals and dates, I want to gift my heart to you. Be my Valentine and rule my life forever!

Valentines Day Ideas: 

Most of us run out of thought to figure out great valentines day ideas, especially when we wish to make it memorable for the next 365 days. If planned properly you can really enjoy a lot with your beloved and spend some quality time in each other’s proximity. Some like to spend the day in-house making the celebration a private affair, and some of them wish to break the barriers and set the soul free in a vacation with his/her soul mate! Whatever your valentine's day ideas are this year, make sure that you make your beloved happy and satisfied.
  • Take your beloved to a romantic candlelight dinner and wrap your gift with sincere love and dedication.
  • Go for a day out, hit the screens of a romantic movie hall, have fun and enjoy to the fullest.
  • Arrange a private party with him/her exclusively at your home. Decorate the entire place with scented candles, rose petals and chocolates.
  • Gift him/her a voucher for spa or parlor. If possible take a one for you as well, so that as the masseur relaxes your body with scented oils, you can relax your mind in conversation with your beloved.

Valentines Day Ideas
Valentines Day Ideas

Valentines Quotes: 

  • A 100 hearts will fall short to make you realize, how much I love you.
  • True Love needs no words, only eyes can break the silence and speak the heart out.
  • I wish I have 1000 lives and each time I fall in love with one person-you; forever and ever and ever.
  • Want to know how much I love you? Count the stars in the sky to know the amount.
  • Love is a connection between hearts-one is mine, would you be the other?
  • I had fallen in love with you, just to rise in my life.

Valentine is the best time to express your feelings toward your beloved to show how much you care and love him/her. Beautiful valentines quotes can be thought of to make the expression even more appealing and effective to impress your sweetheart. Some of these depict your condition in love, some manifest how madly you need him/her to remain by you forever. Try to format each of these valentine's day quotes with all the passion and madness that you feel in your heart so that they can straightway hit the heart of the receiver and may convey the exact message to him/her.
Valentines Quotes
Valentines Quotes

Valentines Quotes for him:

  • You may not be the most handsome guy in the world, but for me, you are my whole world.
  • I dedicate my heart, my soul and my entire life to you- the person who makes me feel special by his presence only.
  • When you look at me, I feel I am the most beautiful woman earth-is this what you call being in love?
  • My world is empty without you, my life is meaningless without you, my world comes to an end without you- I can’t stop saying this-I can’t imagine myself without you!
  • You are the sun in my morning, the moon in my night, the stars in my sky and the water in my ocean-you are the soul in my heart.

Valentine Quotes for him
Valentine Quotes for him

Valentines Quotes for her:

  • My heart beats for you, my soul craves for you, and my life has no meaning without you-all this happens just because I love you!
  • You are the most beautiful woman I have seen in my life, since then my heart wants to be yours! Would you be my valentine?
  • I feel good  when I hold your hands, I feel better when I  look into your eyes and I feel best when I touch your soul.
  • I look into your eyes and forget the whole world behind, as the world seems to be confined within them. I love you sweetheart!

Valentine Quotes for her
Valentine Quotes for her

Valentine Cards: 

Sometimes you cannot express your romantic feelings towards the person you love through words or expressions. Through some well decorated valentines day cards the job becomes easier. You can personalize and express your thoughts to your sweetheart in a more affectionate way. Pick up a card of your choice, and gather all the romance and warmth of heart to pen down those magical words you always wanted to utter before him/her. Decorate your valentine cards with red rose petals and perfume of your choice so that the receiver can truly sense your feelings even if you are not present there.

  • Even if we are far apart, distance can never dim the light of your love in my heart. Happy Valentine Day.
  • Wish I can spend every moment of my life by your side. Be my Valentine!
  • May I hold your hand and set out to complete the journey called life? Wish you a happy Valentine Day!
  • You will remain in my heart, today or tomorrow or forever, be my valentine and make my life!
  • You may get a 100 to give their hearts up to you, but I am here to give my life away at your feet. I love you!

Valentine Cards
Valentine Cards

Valentine Gifts: 

Valentines day gifts are the most conventional and perhaps the best way to show how deeply and madly you feel for the person you love. They don’t need to be expensive, but you need to enrich them with deep emotions and passion of love. You need to choose your valentine gifts carefully so that they match with the taste and preference of your beloved and bring a big smile on his/her face as he/she slowly unwraps the cover. Give him/her something so that he/she treasures and preserves it as a solid epitome of your love and romance all throughout his/her life.

Valentine Gifts
Valentine Gifts

  • Chocolates being the flavor of the occasion, are considered as the best  gift as they set your mood and make your heart beat faster.
  • A bunch of red rose will be another option as that will show the intensity of your feelings for him/her. Pink roses might depict the softer side of your feelings.
  • For your lady love, a heart shaped pendant or a romantic necklace or a bracelet will work like wonders. You can also try out some personalized jewelry to impress her.
  • Watches, sunglasses, perfumes, colognes, gift vouchers to salon/spa are also considered as good options for valentine gifts .