Monday, December 3, 2012

15 Love Tips to keep your relationship working

1. Love each other..truly..madly..deeply
2. Don’t lie..being honest will help the relationship nurture.
3. Keep communication's the key to every problem.
4. Stay costs nothing and sweetens the bond of love.
5. If you get hurt, forgive & forget..Everyone's imperfect..Value each other's imperfections.

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6. Never ever talk about break-ups..what goes around, comes around.
7. Never say "it’s okay" if it’s your true self with your partner.
8. Forget about "ego" and “pride”...Don't be "me"...its in being be "we"..
9. If you say sorry, you should truly mean it..let the heart express the apology, not just the mouth.
10. Never compare your past with your can be dangerous..forget's history!

Love Quotes for Him

11. Never talk about your ex’ may ruin your present..
12. Reciprocation - A Give and take me and i will love you even more!
13. Be aware of his/her feelings...because he/she is the most important and special person for you..
14. If you have a fight, never let the day get over..patch up..seal the day with a kiss..
15. Don’t aim to be the perfect one, just be the right each others #1..forever in love 

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